Laundry day can get complicated; limited space makes the chore tricky, and doing laundry for a large family can make the task overwhelming. But no matter the space of your laundry room or the size of your clothing pile, you can optimize your home to make the task efficient and enjoyable. Imagine a laundry room that works — it’s calming, organized, and your supplies are within reach. With a few affordable tweaks to your current space, you can transform your laundry room.

Tips for Keeping Your Laundry Room Organized

Tips for keeping your laundry room organized.

The more organized your laundry room, the faster you’ll be able to finish your washing. Here are a few basic steps to make laundry time more pleasant and efficient.

  • Decide how to store laundry supplies. Hiding your detergent, stain removers, and other laundry supplies in a set of decorative baskets lends a unified, peaceful look to your laundry room. Organizing by category adds efficiency. Store supplies you use frequently close to your laundry machine. Store items you rarely reach for on higher shelves or tucked away in cabinets. Small fabric baskets are also useful for sorting small clothing items like socks or underwear.
  • Create structures to hang clothing. Does your laundry room have space to hang clothes to dry? What about somewhere to hang freshly laundered jackets or coats before you take them to the closet? Installing hanging rods allows you to air dry delicate clothing and prevent wrinkles on freshly laundered pieces. There’s no need to make this installation complicated, however. Pick an over-the-door solution or a space-saving hanging rod that folds away when you’re done with it.
  • Utilize wall space. Don’t let empty wall space go to waste. Brooms, mops, and other supplies with handles can rest easily in a wall-mounted storage solution. A set of affordable cabinets are perfect for storing supplies. If you’re tired of wrestling your ironing board from the back of your closet, invest in an ironing-board holder.
  • Have a method for sorting clothes. Your sorting routine will differ depending on your needs. If you live alone, you might only need to sort your clothes into whites, darks, and delicates. Large families may sort clothing by color before they wash it, then sort it by family member when it’s clean. If possible, add more counter space so you can divide your clothes on a surface. If you don’t have room for counter space, opt for a divided hamper solution.

Ready to dive in? We’ve collected a few of our favorite affordable storage solutions.

Essential Laundry Room Organizers

TheWarmHome Decorative Fabric Storage Bins

Decorative fabric storage bins by The Warm Home.

A set of these linen fabric baskets will keep your storage system cheerful. These storage containers take shape with a metal rod frame, but the durable linen holds the contents. Two rope handles allow you to carry them with ease, and they collapse for easy storage or transportation. Fabric storage bins are ideal for sorting clothing or storing extra towels or rags. There are no sharp wires or spiky wicker points, so your clothes won’t snag.

“They are just perfect…The color is classic. It is well shaped, and it has one hundred and one uses in every corner at home. It is certainly worth it.” Reviewers give these baskets rave reviews. They thought they were easy to collapse yet held their shape when opened. Customers appreciated the chic cottage style, and many used them for organizing clothes or towels.

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Decorative Laundry Detergent Container by Nine Royal

Decorative laundry detergent container.

This vintage-looking detergent container is perfect for doing your laundry in style. At 11 inches long and 9 inches tall, it holds up to 36 cups of powdered detergent. It includes a scoop that hangs conveniently on the handle, so you can stop digging through your detergent to find a buried scoop. Unlike the sharp plastic colors of most detergent packaging, this white lettered box fits perfectly with your vintage or rustic decor.

Reviewers used this lettered laundry box for many different organizing needs. Some stored their dryer balls, some stored bottles and dryers sheets, while others regularly emptied their detergent powder inside or used it to hide a bag of detergent. They reported that it’s well made and absolutely adorable.

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Lint Holder Bin by AJA

Decorative lint bin holder by Aja.

Did you know that a full lint trap slashes the efficiency of your dryer and poses a major fire risk? Remind yourself to clean out the lint every time with this handy lint holder. Simply attach it to the edge of your dryer and drop the lint in every time you do your laundry. It attaches with a strong magnetic backing to the machine, or you can mount it to the wall with a built-in keyhole hanger. It’s available in white, black, and grey.

“Now I don’t need to stop and find someplace to throw away the lint and dryer sheets. It saves me time while doing laundry,” one reviewer wrote. Customers thought this was a brilliant and convenient purchase. It saved them time, reminded them to empty the lint trap, and attached conveniently to the side of the dryer. 

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Holdin’ Storage Over-the-Door Hanging Clothes Rack

Over the door hanging clothes rack for laundry room by Holdin' Storage.

Forget the power drill and hammer; this easy-to-assemble clothing rack requires no hardware to set up. It simply hangs right on the back of your door, and the rack is adjustable for a variety of door sizes and can extend from 17 to 24 inches. Use it to hang sweaters or shirts up to air dry — the rack will hold up to 35 lbs. Although its most accessible use is to hang clothes, you may also opt to purchase a hanging organizer or set of hanging cubbies for additional storage space.

“Easy to assemble and works great.” Reviewers report that the hanging rack had a simple, no-fuss setup. It generated lots of extra storage space. The only downside was that it made some doors difficult or impossible to close.

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Wall-Mounted Mop or Broom Holder by Feir

Wall-mounted mop or broom holder by Feir.

Laundry rooms get dusty, but a quick sweep every few days can prevent dust buildup. This wall-mounted broom holder allows you to mount brooms or mops — any tool with a handle — against the wall. It includes six additional hooks for hanging clothing brushes, dustpans, or cleaning cloths. At 15.9 inches long, it’s perfect for compact laundry rooms. The manufacturer does recommend using a power drill to install.

This 5-star organizer gets rave reviews for convenience and stellar functionality. With a power drill, customers had no trouble installing it.

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Fabric Storage Baskets, 6-pack

Fabric storage baskets for laundry room six pack.

This affordable set of fabric baskets is perfect for organizing laundry supplies. Each is made with durable linen and a wire frame. They are collapsible but will hold their shape when standing. Cotton rope handles allow you to pull them out from the shelf, and because there are no sharp edges, clothing will not snag, and they’re safe for use around children. Keep in mind that they’re relatively small — each one measures 12 x 8 x 5 inches.

“The fabric is thick and the handles are sturdy.” Reviewers loved their durability. They thought they were stylish and convenient and enjoyed organizing smaller supplies in them. They also appreciated being able to purchase six at a time.

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4-Bag Laundry Hamper for Sorting

Large 4-bag laundry hamper for sorting laundry.

Gone are the days of tossing your laundry piles on the floor. With this hamper, you can conveniently sort your laundry before or after washing it. With four heavy-duty cloth bags, the hamper allows you to divide large piles of laundry. The fabric is also waterproof and dust proof, and there’s an additional mesh material underneath so that heavy loads don’t sag to the ground.

The best part are the wheels: this sturdy cart can be rolled around the house to collect laundry from multiple rooms without lugging a heavy hamper. This organizer is perfect for people who sort their laundry by color or for families who need a wheeled hamper to collect laundry from across their home.

“I’ve been using this for at least six months and will never go back to a single bin hamper.” Reviewers raved about the convenience of this hamper. Several claimed it was the single most useful purchase they’ve made for their laundry room. It’s durable and easy-to-assemble (although assembly might take up to half an hour). Customers found different strategies for organizing their laundry with this 4-bag cart.

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Simple Houseware Over-the-Door or Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Holder

Over the door mounted ironing board rack holder by Simple Houseware.

An ironing board can be an awkward thing to store. This holder, however, will keep your iron and the board easily tucked away. For quick and easy assembly, the ironing rack hangs on the back of a door. A basket at the top can hold your iron, while the hooks below support your ironing board.

Alternatively, you may choose to mount it to a wall. It would require some assembly, but reviewers report that a Phillips head screw driver was all they needed.

With almost five stars and thousands of ratings, reviewers were very pleased with this ironing board holder. They appreciated that it has enough space in the basket to hold not just an iron, but other ironing products too. Customers agree that it was easy to install, and they could still close their doors even with the over-the-door holder. Make sure you check your style of ironing board before purchasing — it does not accommodate all of them.

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Wellex Stainless Steel Clothing Rack

Stainless steel clothing rack for laundry room by Wellex.

Repurpose your empty wall space with this double-duty, extendable shelf and drying rack. You can easily hang clothing underneath while storing a few fabric baskets on the shelf above. Constructed from stainless steel, it adjusts to multiple sizes. You may choose to use it for permanent shelf storage, or it can be extended only when used for hanging clothing, then stored again. It includes the hardware necessary for installation, but you will need a screwdriver.

Easy to install and convenient, this storage system got rave reviews. Customers thought it was affordable and sturdy, and they were happy to have a versatile storage shelf and rack.

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Storage Cabinets for Laundry Rooms, Set of Two

Storage cabinets for laundry room, set of two.

Mount these two white storage cabinets above your washing machine for easy access to all your laundry supplies. Simple but stylish, these cabinets are perfect for storing your iron, detergent, fabric treatments, or extra towels and rags. The shelves inside are adjustable to accommodate items of different heights. Your purchase includes all the hardware necessary to mount them to the wall.

“Perfect for our laundry closet and they look great!” Reviewers report that these cabinets were easy to assemble, sturdy, and affordable. They’re deeper than many available cabinets so they provide more room for storage, and customers particularly loved the soft-close doors.

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To Sum it Up…

Your laundry room can be the most organized, peaceful room in the house. With a few easy modifications, you can keep clothes off the floor, organize your supplies and tools, and sort your clothes easily. Look around your laundry room — there are dozens of storage opportunities you might not see at first glance.

That empty wall space is perfect for a new cabinet or shelf, the back of the door can hold your ironing board or an extendable hanging rod. The edge of your dryer is perfect for a lint bin. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to create a laundry room you love. With a few simple additions, anyone’s laundry room can become an efficient, organized part of your home.