Patented in 1858, mason jars were originally made for food canning and storage. But despite their farmhouse roots, they’ve been repurposed today for all sorts of decorative uses. From flower vases to plant pots, these small, sturdy glass jars are seeing a resurgence. One of the most popular uses for mason jars today is light fixtures. Sturdy and with curves that soften light and create a gentle glow, they’re built to withstand the high heat that a light bulb produces.

They’re incredibly well-suited to bathroom lighting schemes. Bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms, so each piece of decor has a greater impact; the bathroom is the space where each fixture matters. Mason jar lights add simple style, and they’re technically suited for the humidity of a bathroom. Made of glass and stainless steel, they don’t rust, so they’re a perfect match for a room with a shower. The gentle glow that radiates from a mason jar glass (particularly when paired with LEDs) is often a stellar choice.

The brightness of mason jar lights depends on several factors. What type of bulb are you using? Are they placed over the sink or vanity? Is the light reflected in a mirror, lending the room twice as much brightness? A single set of mason jars may not light your entire bathroom, so consider carefully the size of your bathroom, how much light you need, and what other light sources the room includes.

How to Get a Replacement for Your Mason Jar Light Fixture

How to get a replacement for your mason jar light fixture.

They might be sturdy, but even mason jars break sometimes due to handling. As is the case with other lamps, long-term use can wear them down. Thankfully, getting a replacement is easy. Mason jar lighting systems need jars that have been slightly adapted for this use.

Typically, the bottoms are cut and the lids adapted to release heat. The links below include replacements you can buy, both for the glass jar and the lids on top. They fit a variety of light fixtures, from scones to pendant lights to vanity lights. Each light fixture attaches to the glass jar differently, however, so make sure these are compatible with your existing fixture before purchasing.

Open Bottom Mason Jar Replacement Glass Shade with Lighting Lid by Mason Jar Lifestyle

Mason jar replacement glass shade.

These 5-star rated mason jar shades are handmade in Colorado from the original Ball jars. The bottom of the jar is cut with a modified tire saw, then hand sanded to smooth any sharp edges, and the top is fitted with a ventilated stainless steel lid. They fit 1 ⅝ inch opening fixtures, so double check that your lighting fixture will accommodate them.

They sell a variety of sizes and styles of mason jars in both clear and aqua colors to suit your style. Note that some jar lights have no branding on the jar itself, but these replacement shades do feature the original “Bell” embossed in the glass.

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Wide Mouth Replacement Jar Lids with Heat Relief Holes by Industrial Rewind

Mason jar light fixture replacement lid.

These are replacement lids only for times when the lid wears out but the shade itself is still functional. Each is pre-drilled with holes at the top so they don’t retain heat, and with six to a pack, they’re highly affordable. The inside opening measures approximately 1 ⅝ inches (42 mm). They received five stars, and reviewers were pleased with how versatile and easy to install they were.

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The Best Mason Jar Light Fixtures For Your Bathroom

3-Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture with Silver-Brushed Finish by LNC

LNC three mason jar light fixture for bathrooms.

This easy-to-install light fixture features three clear mason jars attached to an antique looking, silver-brushed fixture. Smooth lines and the silver finish compliment industrial or rustic decors. At 24 inches long, this centerpiece is designed to fit over a mirror. It’s 12 inches high and extends 6.5 inches from the wall. The iron fixture itself is pre-assembled and includes the necessary wiring and the mason jars.

It does not include bulbs, so make sure to purchase three bulbs. The bulbs should not be more than 40W, so this is a fixture for softer lighting schemes. It works with incandescent, LED, vintage filament, and CFL bulbs. You can use it with a dimmer switch, though the dimming function is not included with the fixture.

Reviewers overwhelmingly gave this light fixture five stars. Most found it very easy to install, though one reviewer noted that “you’ll need a ladder, Phillips head, flat blade screwdriver, electrical tape, pliers, wire cutter/stripper to install this”, and recommended paying for installation if you don’t typically like to assemble lighting fixtures.

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Calhoun Antique Bronze Vanity Light by Progress Lighting

Mason jar light bathroom fixture by Progress Lighting.

This lighting fixture features four mason jar lights and measures 30 ¼ inches from one end to the other, and extends 6 ⅞ inches from the wall. The jars are held in place by mechanical latches for an industrial, modern look. The supporting arms and blackplate are finished in antique bronze.

Like most light fixtures, bulbs are not included, so make sure to stock up before buying. It can accommodate bulbs of up to 100W — somewhat higher than many light fixtures, so this is a perfect choice in rooms where you want bright light.

This fixture tends to be a perfect fit for bathroom vanities due to its size and overall appearance. Several reviewers were pleased to find a fixture that used higher watt bulbs, and according to the product description, the fixture does include a one-year warranty.

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Luxury Bathroom Mason Jar Vanity Light by Urban Ambiance

Luxury mason jar vanity light fixture by Urban Ambiance.

Also available in a shorter two-light fixture, this vanity light by Urban Ambiance looks more expensive than it actually is. The high-purity steel and old bronze finish gives it that warm, dark finish with brown undertones. This fixture would no doubt pair beautifully in modern homes. It’s also approved for use inside in damp locations (a technical way of saying it’s fine to use in your bathroom, where the shower produces humidity).

This fixture requires either two or four 100 Watt E26 medium base bulbs, which are not included with your purchase. It can function with a dimming switch and dimmable bulbs, and it does include installation hardware and instructions. 

Reviewers loved this light fixture; many found it to fit both rustic and modern styles perfectly at an affordable price. Many reviewers found they could install it in less than half an hour, even if they’d never installed a light fixture before.

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Industrial Rustic Mason Jar Vanity Wall Lighting by Quoizel

Quoizel industrial style mason jar vanity light.

With a distinctly industrial style, this vanity light is sure to impress guests thanks to its wrought-iron fixture. It would also contrast beautifully against wood walls and warm, rustic decor.

For those with smaller spaces, it’s also available with just two lights or as a single bulb fixture. The fixture is made of steel with a rustic black finish, and there are etchings of plant and fruit patterns on the glass for a more decorative touch. The jars screw into the fixture and, unlike other fixtures, don’t have mechanical clips.

For more options, the bulbs can be installed facing either up or down. And to make your life easier, the fixture includes the hardware you’ll need to mount it to an existing junction box. You’ll need three 100 Watt A19-type bulbs — incandescent, CFL, halogen or LED bulbs are all fine. It functions with a dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs if you already have them, but dimmers are not included.

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4-Light Brinley Vanity Lighting by Kichler

Kichler four light mason jar vanity light.

Kichler is a brand known for quality in the lighting industry. These five-star rated vanity lights feature four mason jar lights fixed to a smooth, sleek back. Clean lines and a smaller centerpiece take these mason jar lights into the modern luxury category, although they’re still at home in vintage decor. The fixture comes in brushed nickel or olde bronze.

It takes four 75 watt, A19-type bulbs, which are not included. It’s also compatible with dimmable bulbs and is safe for damp locations.

While many buyers were happy overall with this fixture, some did note that they’re difficult to install. Because they’re fixed to a smaller center backplate, and the fixture itself is heavier than most at 7.3 lbs, several people recommend making sure you can attach it to a central stud.

The included mounting ring is intended for modern in-wall electrical balls, so those with older homes may need to purchase additional mounting materials.

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Industrial Rustic LED Wall Light by Franklin Iron Works

Franklin Iron Works industrial mason jar light fixture.

These three gorgeous hanging jars are suspended by rings from the central fixture. They’re sleek but rustic; understated but elegant. The fixture itself is iron with a bronze finish, and you can also purchase a single-bulb sconce. Unlike others, the jars are affixed by a ring, so the fixture should not be hung upside down.

This purchase includes three 7-watt Edison filament LED bulbs, comparable to 50 W incandescent bulbs. If using bulbs other than those included, the maximum brightness should be a 60 W bulb. The included bulbs are dimmable if you already have a dimming switch.

Most buyers were pleased with the quality and style. One reviewer found, however, that the included Edison bulbs were too yellow for their vanity mirror and purchased cooler ones. The manufacturer does include a 60-day return policy and a one-year warranty.

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To Sum it Up…

With their subtle associations to simplicity and country living, mason jar light fixtures are the new must-have centerpiece for modern bathrooms. Pair your mason jar light fixture with a mason jar holder for toothbrushes or a soap dispenser made from glass, and you’ll quickly create unity in your decor. The round jar shade creates a soft glow, while fixtures with three or four bulbs provide overall brightness.

Mason jar shades are made to sustain the humidity of a bathroom, and the glass can withstand the temperature of the bulb. But if a jar or lid does wear down, replacements can be quickly ordered online. When it comes to bulbs, make sure you choose one with the right brightness and shape. Cozy and suitable for a variety of styles, mason jar lights are an inviting, warm addition to your bathroom lighting system.