In an age of cheap plastics and harsh synthetics, rattan furniture promises soothing earth tones and durability. Rattan, a plant-based material used for crafting furniture and baskets, has surged in popularity in the last decade. Durable yet lightweight, it’s ideal for long-lasting furniture. Traditionally, rattan chairs were used outside. More recently, the material has been adopted for indoor decor.

When kept indoors, rattan chairs require little maintenance and blend with almost any decor. Modern living rooms and boho sunrooms alike benefit from the soothing tones of this eco-friendly material. Whether you’re furnishing a family dining room or a chic, modern office, you’ll find a rattan indoor chair that works for your style. We’ve collected ten of our favorites that won’t break your wallet — but will last for years to come.

What is the Difference Between Rattan and Wicker?

What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

Wicker refers to a type of weave, whereas rattan is the material. In other words, wicker is the process (how the material is made) but rattan is the product itself (what the product is made of). Wicker furniture can be crafted from any material — plastic and synthetic resin is common in cheaper pieces. Rattan comes from a strong, fibrous, vine-like plant native to tropical regions. It’s lightweight, durable, and incredibly flexible, making it ideal for wicker weaving.

How to Care for Rattan Furniture

How should you care for rattan furniture?

When you invest in a piece of rattan furniture, you’re investing in a durable, longstanding option that can easily stay in your family for more than one generation. To ensure your chair’s longevity, however, make sure you treat your new furniture with the care it deserves.

First, consider the rattan chair’s placement. Because rattan is essentially dried plant matter, you should avoid leaving it in conditions where it might dry out more and become brittle. Avoid direct sunlight and very dry rooms. On the opposite end, extreme humidity and dark, musty areas can cause molding or mildew. Make sure your rattan furniture is kept in a well-ventilated, temperate environment.

Although rattan furniture was once popular as outdoor patio furniture, experts recommend keeping it inside. Exposure to the elements can cause mold, mildew, or fading. Keep your rattan chairs inside for longevity, and don’t expose it to damp conditions or harsh sunlight.

Dust your furniture with a feather duster. If needed, wipe down your furniture with a damp cloth, then move the chair to a well-ventilated area to dry. You may notice a buildup of dust in the crevices. If so, use the crevice tool on a vacuum to get rid of debris or take a small toothbrush to the creases. If your chairs include other materials, check the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance advice.

Ready to dive in and choose your next rattan chair? Check out ten of our favorites.

The Best Indoor Rattan Chairs for Natural Style

Rustic Farmhouse Rattan Dining Chair by Modway Gear

Rustic farmhouse rattan indoor dining chair by Modway Gear.

Are you sipping coffee in Italy or tucked away in your farmhouse cottage? This graceful, elegant chair evokes simplicity and steadiness. Crafted from solid elm wood, this chair adds a simple, elegant statement to your dining room or office. The cross-back support is simple, understated, and elegant. The seating is made from all natural rattan.

This chair pairs beautifully in a variety of styles. Consider it for a minimalist dining area, a cozy and rustic nook, or a farmhouse chic kitchen. These chairs measure 21 inches long x 19.5 inches wide x 34.5 inches high.

“These chairs are awesome, sturdy, and priced very well.” Reviewers raved about their rattan dining chairs from Modway. They enjoyed the classic style and the stability. “Elegant, simple, and solid,” were common praises. A few reviewers noted that their chairs arrived broken, but the company was more than willing to exchange them.

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Tommy Hilfiger Rattan Lounge Chair

Rattan lounge chair by Tommy Hilfiger.

Who said rattan has to be vintage or old-fashioned? This chic modern chair is perfect for sitting back and relaxing. It features a stunning hand-woven poly rattan frame, and a single seated pillow allows for flexibility if you wanted to opt for your own comfortable pillow. Curved metal legs could situate this chair perfectly in modern styles. Use it as a lounge chair, office chair, or outdoor patio chair.

Reviewers give these Tommy Hilfiger chairs 5 stars. One reviewer notes that they can be slightly unsteady when you lean forward, and may not be suitable for small children.

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Pelangi Handmade Rattan Dining Wicker Chair with Cushion

Handmade indoor rattan dining chair by Pelangi.

Whether you’re opting for classic or funky, this chair can adapt to a variety of styles. A pretty, handwoven wicker back offers support and comfort. The curved smooth lines add a softness to any room. You may notice slight color variations because of the natural rattan. This light brown chair arrives fully assembled, and your purchase includes a removable cushion.

“Lovely chair, even prettier than the photo…” Many reviewers commented on the simplicity and elegance of these chairs. They report that they’re sturdy and comfortable, and several reviewers note that they’re sized for small-average sized people. Before purchasing, make sure you compare the dimensions to chairs you already own and enjoy.

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Rattan Wicker Furniture Malibu Lounge Armchair with Cream Cushion

Rattan indoor lounge chair with high back.

This comfortable and stylish chair features natural rattan weaves on both arms in beautiful spiral designs. Easy to assemble and sturdy, it makes a perfect lounge chair or living room chair. The chairs measure 31 inches high x 34 inches deep x 28 inches wide.

The five-star reviews mention this lounge chair’s easy assembly, gorgeous “Hawaii” style, and its durability. Reviewers noticed slight variations in the weave, likely because of the handmade quality. One or two reviewers recommended upgrading the cushions to high-density cushions. Customers report that assembly was “easy and intuitive,” and there’s a YouTube link for instructions if you have any difficulty.

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SunBear Rattan Lounge Arm Chair

Rattan lounge chair by SunBear.

This tropical high quality rattan chair evokes beach days and island vacations. The wicker chair uses high-quality, eco-friendly, and natural rattan. Easy to clean and incredibly durable, this high quality chair is perfect for families. It measures 32 inches high x 28 inches long x 28 inches wide.

“Beautiful chair and very easy to assemble.” Reviewers used this SunBear wicker chair as a lounge chair or for dining room seating. Customers report that it was incredibly easy to assemble and very durable.

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Tomile Wishbone Solid Wood Dining Chair with Rattan Seat

Indoor solid wood dining chair with rattan seat.

Choose a dining chair that will last. The sturdy, classy design of this wooden chair will remain in your family for years. The frame is constructed from durable European beech or American ash wood. Thermamally bent and relying on a dovetail process for attaching different pieces of the frame, the manufacturer uses innovation processes to ensure the most durable, sturdy frame possible.

The frame is designed to accommodate and encourage a comfortable sitting position. The seat itself is handmade from rattan. No assembly is required, and it’s available in several different colors. The sleek, smooth bends and lines of this chair evoke modern, contemporary, and minimalist styles.

Reviewers loved the sleek style and durability. Customers note that these chairs are more affordable than other versions of the same chair — but the construction is better.

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Grand Peacock Chair in Rattan with Seat Cushion by Kouboo

Grand Peacock rattan chair by Kouboo.

Are you ready to feel like royalty in your own home? This stunning, high-backed chair will stand out wherever you put it. The handwoven, natural rattan backing will impress your guests. Set this peacock chair in a sunroom or living room or at the head of the dining table. The chair measures 40 inches wide x 32 inches deep x 55 inches tall.

Reviewers rave about this peacock chair; “High-quality and worth every dollar.” Many customers just bought one peacock chair to stand out — others purchased them for the guests of honor at events or for weddings. Reviewers report that the chairs were the most affordable versions of this peacock chair they could find online.

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SunBear Lounge Swivel Rocking Wicker Java Chair

Wicker swivel rocking chair by Sunbear.

If you’ve been looking for a comfortable swivel chair, you’ve found it. With a classic and beautiful weave, this wicker lounge chair is perfect for a reading nook, your living room, or the office. The rattan is all natural and eco-friendly.

Customers were happy with this lounge chair, and they loved the style and comfort. For assembly, one reviewer recommends having  needle nose pliers and a Phillips head screwdriver. Another reviewer notes that assembly is smoothest if you loosely fasten all the screws, then go back and tighten all of them at one time.

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Safavieh Home Collection Ventura Brown and White Washed Arm Chair

Indoor rattan chair by Safavieh.

Whether you’re decorating a farmhouse sunroom, your tropical patio, or a classy dining room, this wicker chair can adapt to a variety of styles. The mango wood frame is durable and unique, and the seat is 100% cotton. Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth, and wash with mildly soapy water only when needed. No assembly is required.

“Absolutely love this product!” Reviewers report that these wicker chairs are “very sturdy” and “should last a long time.” They praised the durability and style. There is some ambiguity around the dimensions, but the manufacturers’ website claims they are 23.2-inch wide by 18-1/2-inch deep by 40.2-inch tall.

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Fabric French Distressed Bedroom Chairs with Rectangle Rattan Back, Set of 2

French distressed dining chairs with rattan back.

These carefully carved chairs are elegant and stylish, with a subtle flower carved into the front two legs. These tufted fabric dining chairs are easy to assemble, and the thick padded seat ensures maximum comfort. The rattan back is tightly weaved but breathable, making these chairs an ideal option for summer use.

“Really love these chairs – I couldn’t be happier. The rattan back creates a lighter look for these sturdy chairs.” One reviewer was pleased to note the chairs are durable but lightweight. Although several reviewers comment that their chairs were “the perfect color,” one or two customers noted that the color was slightly different from the pictures.

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To Sum it Up…

Bohemian or farmhouse, many styles flourish with the addition of a rattan chair or two. The warm beige and coffee brown hues add an earthy, comforting feel to any room. Looking for cooler tones? Opt for a grey or blue wooden chair that relies on rattan seating for comfort and breathability.

Care for your rattan furniture by dusting it regularly. On sunny days, consider wiping it with a damp cloth then moving the chair outside to dry. When kept in well-ventilated rooms and out of direct sunlight, rattan chairs will last for years and years. Sit back and relax. An investment in your rattan chair is an investment into your own comfort and style.